The Poetry of Mary K O'Melveny

DISPATCHES FROM THE MEMORY CARE MUSEUM was just published (August 2021) by Kelsay Books. 










the movers have gone


boxes are flattened  emptied


shelves begin to fill




we’ve begun anew


telling our stories on walls


each pot placed with care




books we loved were saved


they nestle beside others


we’ve yet to savor




the bed has been made


clothes with hopes hang in closets


we’ve pruned the others




our essential tools:


picture hooks hammers nails screws


internet service




last night we slept well


there were no sirens or horns


no urban bedlam




our windows face trees


a red-shouldered hawk soars past


she bids us welcome






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The second volume of "AWAKE IN THE WORLD" has just been published.  This wonderful anthology of poetry and stories from over 50 writers (including me) explores and celebrates the intersection between nature and the wild and the humans experiencing it, sometimes a little too close for comfort but always with deep appreciation and respect of its beauty and power, not to mention its fragility.  




Reading one of my poems from "An Apple in Her Hand"

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