The Poetry of Mary K O'Melveny

FIRST PLACE - Poems of Political Protest 2020 Contest

October 21, 2020


We proudly announce the following winners of our 1st writing contest:


FIRST PLACE prize for Poetry 

goes to Mary K O'Melveny 

for her poem: "Say Their Names"



Winning writers to be included in the upcoming Anthology of the same name.  (Now available HERE)


When City Limits Publishing set out to bring Poems of Political Protest to readers, we had no idea the response we would receive. With hundreds of entries, this anthology represents the best of the best. The voices represented here are from all over the world, all across the political spectrum, and all worthy of being heard. Poems of Political Protest is a cry out to the world for change. These poems are the voices of the hurt, the oppressed, the struggling. They represent the fight for a better and brighter tomorrow while still honoring yesterday. All we have, all we own freely and clearly, are our words. May this collection bring forth positive change.


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