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 West Hurley, NY 

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Scenes from the recent celebratory book launch of Mary K O'Melveny’s new book of poetry -


Flight Patterns!


Book Reviews


"Part lament, and part celebration, Mary K. O’Melveny’s collection, “Flight Patterns,” introduces readers to an array of birds—snow geese, bald eagles, mourning doves, and more—as it contemplates existential threats such as climate change, wars, Covid, human rights, and aging. The author’s appreciation for the natural world shines through in poems that grapple with human love, losses, and failings."


Flight Patterns/ poetry by Mary K. O’Melveny/ book review,   September 21, 2023 in LIGHTWOOD MAGAZINE by Mary Beth Hines 



“[These] poems are fierce and tender, political and melodious all at the same time. Like a prayer, they use hidden rhyme for incantation and hypnosis….They will guide you gently if you forgot how to be patient and kind. They will inspire you if you forgot how to have faith….Above all, they will inspire you to be mindful of the earth, generous with nature, caring to birds.”


-Dr. Lucia Cherciu, Professor, English Department, SUNY/Dutchess; Poet Laureate, Dutchess County, NY 2020-2022



“This beautiful, courageous, truthful book makes for delightful reading. Flight Patterns begins with memories rich in the physical joy of nature. Through these contemplative, imaginative and image-filled poems, we experience the poet’s love of birds and her concern for losses in our natural environment.”


-Rhina P. Espaillat, Poet, Short Story Writer, Essayist, Translator, Teacher, Author



“Mary K O’Melveny’s poetry is atmospheric and magical, tender and humorous, revealing and smart.... Highly recommended!”



-Joe Maita, Editor/Publisher, Jerry Jazz Musician




About the Author


Flight Patterns is Mary K O’Melveny’s fourth book of poetry. Mary, a retired labor rights lawyer, lives near Woodstock, New York with her wife Susan. She has been published in many print and on-line literary journals and anthologies and national blog sites. A Pushcart Prize nominee, Mary has also won or  been a finalist in several poetry competitions and received award recognition in national and international contests. Her other poetry volumes are A Woman of a Certain Age, Merging Star Hypotheses and Dispatches From The Memory Care Museum. Mary is also a member of the Hudson Valley Women’s Writing Group and her work appears in their anthologies An Apple In Her Hand and Rethinking the Ground Rules. Mary is a co-presenter of writing workshops at Lifespring Saugerties. Her website is:  


my . artist run website